Tips on keeping your AC system running better


Tips on keeping your AC system running better

Maintain the Central Air Conditioner’s Filters:

When you clean or replace the filter, you enhance the air conditioner’s efficiency by 5 to 15 percent. To increase A/C unit efficiency, filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly, per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Clean the Air Conditioner:

When dirt and debris build up on the outer walls of a central air conditioner the airflow is reduced.

 Set the Right Temperature:

While personal preferences differ, the ideal temperature setting for a central air conditioner is about 78° Fahrenheit. For every degree that you raise the thermostat above 78° while it’s on the cooling setting, you save up to 10 percent more on your cooling costs.

Schedule Professional Maintenance Every Year:

Like a car, a central air conditioner is a big investment. Just as you take your car into the shop for a tune-up, you should have an HVAC contractor look at the unit every year. When a professional services your air conditioner, they will make sure the various parts have sufficient lubrication and will make adjustments that will help increase the efficiency of your system. They will also let you know about minor problems that need attention before they become expensive repairs in the future


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